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      Hil Tribe

         The name ' Karen ' has become almost synonymous with ' Weaver ', so outstanding are the products of Karen looms. Their unusual embroidery and seed work make for widely varied types of clothing worn by those groups coming under the general heading of 'Karen'.
      The upper garments worn by men, women and children are made in the same basic way, differing only in length, colour, and embellishment. They are made of two strips of hand-woven cloth. These strips are folded in half, the fold forming the shoulders of the garment.They are then stitched together, leaving openings for the head and arms which are bound with braid of a contrasting colour. Karen make the most of their stitching. It is seldom hidden, but rather becomes a part of the decoration.
      Originally all clothing was made of homespun cotton cloth. Even now many mountain-dwelling Karen still spin thread from their own cotton. Weaving is done on simple back-strap looms using a single-wrap technique.

      Peoples of the Golden Triangle
      by Paul and Elaine Lewis

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